Maria Szymanowska (1789-1831). Kobieta Europy

Maria Szymanowska : Romance of Queen Hortense
Elisabeth Zapolska – mezzo-soprano,
Bart van Oort – pianoforte Broadwood 1825

Listen to again|Stop My dearest friend,
Let us talk and not cease to repeat,
That in life nothing is sweeter
Than love.
Aren’t green leaves
And the shade they give
An invitation to happiness?
Press your heart to mine,
My dearest...


The third international Symposium "Maria Szymanowska and her times" entitled "Talents of Women: myths and reality"

has taken place from 25 to 27 November 2015 at the Paris Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (74, rue Lauriston, Paris 16e) under the honorary patronage of the Polish Ambassador in France, His Excellency Andrzej Byrt.

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Maria Szymanowska (1789 – 1831), a Woman of Europe

The international project is carried out by the Maria Szymanowska Society in collaboration with its private and institutional partners, thanks to funds collected since 2011.

Its ambition is to promote the figure of Maria Szymanowska, one of the first female professional musicians in Europe, to highlight her modernity and her role in the history of the status of women.

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Portrait of Maria Szymanowska
by Josef Oleszkiewicz
in Saint Petersburg in 1827.

Collection of the Adam Mickiewicz
Museum of Literature
in Warsaw.