Maria Szymanowska (1789-1831). A Woman of Europe

Maria Szymanowska : Romance of Queen Hortense
Elisabeth Zapolska – mezzo-soprano,
Bart van Oort – pianoforte Broadwood 1825


My dearest friend,
Let us talk and not cease to repeat,
That in life nothing is sweeter
Than love.
Aren’t green leaves
And the shade they give
An invitation to happiness?
Press your heart to mine,
My dearest...


‘Six Romances’ and ‘Romance à Joséphine’ for voice and piano by Maria Szymanowska published by FURORE Verlag.

A collection of songs by Maria Szymanowska, edited in three languages by Elisabeth Zapolska Chapelle, has been published in Kassel by FURORE Verlag. This prestigious German music publishing house, headed by Renate Matthei, has specialized in the promotion of women composers of all eras for more than thirty years.

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Maria Szymanowska across the world

POLAND. Marc-André Hamelin played three compositions by Maria Szymanowska in the recital he gave in Warsaw on August 30, 2018.

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