Maria Szymanowska (1789-1831). A Woman of Europe

Maria Szymanowska : Romance of Queen Hortense
Elisabeth Zapolska – mezzo-soprano,
Bart van Oort – pianoforte Broadwood 1825


My dearest friend,
Let us talk and not cease to repeat,
That in life nothing is sweeter
Than love.
Aren’t green leaves
And the shade they give
An invitation to happiness?
Press your heart to mine,
My dearest...


March 8, 2019 - Polish-French-Danish evening at the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen

Maria Szymanowska and the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen maintained epistolary contacts in the 1820s, which testify to their mutual friendship and esteem. This was also the main theme of the evening which took place on 8 March 2019 in the Great Hall of the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen, under the Honorary Patronage of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of Denmark Henryka Mościcka - Dendys.

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Maria Szymanowska across the world

POLAND. ‘The missing Half of History. A short History of Women in the Polish Lands’ Such could be the English title of the book written by Anna Kowalczyk and published by W.A.B., Warsaw, end of 2018. Maria Szymanowska is presented there, according to Goethe's words, as ‘a great talent bordering on madness’.

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