Maria Szymanowska - a Woman of Europe

The international project, Maria Szymanowska (1789 – 1831), a Woman of Europe is carried out by the Maria Szymanowska Society in collaboration with its private and institutional partners, thanks to funds collected since 2011.

Its ambition is to promote the figure of Maria Szymanowska, one of the first female professional musicians in Europe, to highlight her modernity and her role in the history of the status of women.

The project thus intends to draw the attention of researchers, artists and a wide-ranging public to the emblematic character of Maria Szymanowska. European before the creation of the term, she was modern in her desire to override cultural, religious and geopolitical differences, in her search for personal and professional fulfillment, her constant preoccupation with effectiveness and development.

The visual aspect of the project has been designed by Agata Preyzner.

Realized with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.