Events 2011

First International Symposium « Maria Szymanowska and her times»

30 September - The Polish Historic and Literary Society in Paris, 1 October - The Polish Academy of Sciences' Research Center in Paris

under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The participants and the titles of their talks

  • Irena Poniatowska (The F.Chopin Institute, Warsaw) : Maria Szymanowska, grande dame de la musique polonaise
  • Jean Pierre Armengaud (The University of Evry) : Le style et le toucher pianistique de Maria Szymanowska
  • Anna Czarnocka (The Polish Historic and Literary Society in Paris) : Maria Szymanowska et la Société Historique et Littéraire Polonaise
  • Adam Gałkowski (The University of Warsaw) : La Famille Wolowski, ses origines, son histoire
  • Elena Grechanaya (The University of Orléans) : La sociabilité russe à l'époque de Maria Szymanowska
  • Florence Launay (Mannheim) : Sophie Gail (1775-1819), compositrice sous l'Empire et la Restauration
  • Maria Rose van Epenhuysen The City University of New York) : Hélène de Montgeroult (1764-1836), a Woman of the Revolution
  • Ewa Talma-Davous (Paris) : Maria Szymanowska et Pierre Baillot, une amitié musicale
  • Maja Trochimczyk (Los Angeles) : On Genius and the Virtues of “Sense and Sensibility” in the Image of Maria Szymanowska
  • Benjamin Vogel (Swedish Society for Musicology) : The pianoforte of Maria Szymanowska


Elisabeth Zapolska-Chapelle (The Maria Szymanowska Society, Paris)

Program of the Symposium

An account of the Symposium in the media:

The texts of the Symposium have been published in the 2012 (Vol.XIV) Annual Journal of the PAS Research Centre in Paris.